July 9, 2018

On July 8th 2018 we made the decision to open up our own independent brokerage so that we could provide our clients the level of service we felt they deserved. Less than 24 hours later on July 9th, 2018, we signed our lease agreement and that's how it all began!

Over the the course of the next couple of weeks, all hands were on deck while we created a space that was open and inviting. Between trips to the furniture store and setting up everything by hand, countless hours were put into building out an office we could call home. (After all nothing says team bonding quite like assembling IKEA chairs together).

Our First.

What began as an empty, run-down space soon transformed into a beautiful office where we could carry out the vision of our brokerage. The long hours of planning and constructing were over, and the office we had imagined finally became a reality. For two years, this office had been our home. It marks the place where our brokerage first began –  the first steps to bigger things that were to come. Laughter was shared, obstacles were overcome, and unforgettable memories were made. But as much as we cherished our time here, there was a bigger plan waiting for us. And so, the bittersweet ending of one chapter led to the beautiful beginning of the next.


As we started this new chapter of our journey, it was a time for us not only to rebuild a new office, but also to rebuild our company. To re-define our goals and our values. And the challenges we faced as we made this transition only served to bring the team closer together. As one, we envisioned a bigger future. One that would allow us to bring more value to our community, and to each other. And it all started here.

A New Chapter
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