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The Art of Marketing and Negotiating.

When Scott and Ivy first walked into one of my Open Houses I was hosting at another listing, we had a great conversation. However, they were adamant they would only work with the listing of the next house they would be purchasing. They let me know they would also be listing their current home with the agent they used to secure their next home. Although they liked my current listing, at the time, they had another home they would try and put an offer on. Although they would ultimately submit an offer on another home with the listing agent, I was able to sit down with Scott and Ivy and really dig deep into what they were looking for in a home and their current situation. This led the Chow family to rethink their strategy and ultimately use me to help them find their dream home and list their current home.

To make all this happen, we would ultimately purchase their replacement home prior to listing their current home on the market. This would now make the selling of their current home very time sensitive as they would be making a significant loan to make their move a reality. Although they had put in over $100,000 in upgrades to their current home, I told them that their house value would be $670,000 at the top end. We then sat down and went over the marketing plan and I laid out my strategy for them.

The strategy was simply. List the house below market value and let me do what I do best. Market their home! Although the strategy might sound simple, the execution is the difficult part. After 1 open house and only 4 days later, we were able to secure several offers. However, the best part is that I was able to negotiate one of the lowest offers into the highest offer. Not only that, but I was also able to negotiate the buyer into removing ALL CONTINGENCIES with the offer! This ultimately led the Chow family to make more money because when the house appraisal come in below the final agreed price, the buyers came in with the difference to purchase the home. (Offer price: $675,000 ; Appraisal value: $670,000). This ultimately helped all the current homeowners in the area increase their home values just by being their neighbors!

This is why you want to work with an agent who knows your neighborhood and will fight for you. By the way, the house the Chows purchased: we purchased it for $14,000 less than list price! Do you need an agent/broker who will be on your side or know of someone who does?


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