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New Beginnings: Jerry & Gina’s Story

Samuel Park
Mar 7 3 minutes read

When we first met Jerry and Gina, we had asked them what was most important to them in their home search.

The answer was immediate: family.

Their number one must-have was a second house on the property for their son and his wife and kids to live with them, while still maintaining their privacy. And their second criteria was a close distance to their two daughters’ high school where the girls had joined the swim team to pursue a college scholarship. 

For Jerry and Gina, their main goal was to find a home that not only allowed the whole family to stay together, but also for their kids to start their new beginnings. For their son, that meant growing his family, and for their daughters, that meant taking their first steps into adulthood.

Having had a bad experience with a different real estate agent many years ago, they were hesitant to make a move. But after years of renting, their landlord decided to sell the house. So Jerry and Gina saved up for a down payment, and were finally ready to make the jump.

After weeks of looking through different houses available on the market, they fell in love with a spacious 4 bedroom / 2 bathroom home that was recently renovated and in a family-friendly neighborhood.

It was within driving distance to their daughters’ school, and a definite upgrade from when the whole family had to share 1 bathroom. With so much space, they could already imagine the fun-filled Christmas dinners and the weekend backyard barbecues. Best of all? It had a large ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) that was perfect for their son’s family. 

It was their dream home, but…

Pretty soon, they ran into a bump in the road.

In this seller’s market, buyers were flocking to what little homes were available for sale - meaning that Jerry and Gina had to compete with many other buyers to get their dream home. Ultimately, it was a tight race between four different offers. 

What would set them apart from their competition? With the expertise of their agent, Janessa, they submitted an offer the seller couldn’t resist. 

Competitive price. Shortened contingencies. Cooperation with the seller’s timeline. And a great agent relationship. 

About a month later, they were settled into their dream home and starting their new chapters.

*Disclaimer: All names used are fake, but the stories are most definitely real.

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