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Michael’s Story

From bachelor to married man, Michael was ready to start his new chapter in life. And while his current bachelor pad was cozy and in a great location, it definitely wasn’t the place he imagined starting a family. With his wife coming to join him here in California, he decided to purchase a new home for his family to grow into. 

At first, Michael planned to rent out his current house instead of selling it, but quickly changed his mind.

After sitting down to go over exactly what he was looking for in a house, he knew he had to make a big decision: either give up some things on his wish list or go over his budget.

With the needs of his growing family in mind, he decided to sell his house in order to increase his purchasing power. After all, having the extra living space and enjoying those summer days by the pool with his future kids were things he had always dreamed about.

So when we connected with Michael, we knew that we would need to maximize the profit on the sale of his home to put towards the purchase of his new one. And within 2 weeks of hitting the market, that’s exactly what happened. 

Not only was Michael able to get $25,000 over list price, but the buyers also removed ALL contingencies – meaning if they decided to back out, he would get to keep their $10,000 deposit. On top of that, the buyers agreed to waive the termite inspection and home warranty, saving him around $2,000. It was a slam dunk deal. And we’ll never forget the excitement in Michael’s voice when we called to tell him the terms we were able to negotiate for him.

Now, with the proceeds from the sale in his pocket, finding the home of his dreams was only a matter of time. The moment he walked into the spacious 4 bedroom home, he knew it was the one for his family. He could already imagine the family fun nights in their open living room, and the long summer days out by the pool. It was perfect. 

*Disclaimer: All names used are fake, but the stories are most definitely real.

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