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How Jane Became a Homeowner at the Age of 26

If someone had told her 5 years ago that she would be a homeowner at the age of 26, Jane would have laughed. 

And yet, here she was now, holding the keys to her brand new home.

As a teenager, Jane loved the idea that everyone had the opportunity to succeed through their own hard work. And as she got older, that same principle helped her reach goals that many people her age wouldn’t even think were possible.

At the time, Jane lived with her mother and older sister in a small apartment. She dreamed of buying their own place to call home, but was hesitant because of her young age. However she quickly realized that they were throwing away their hard-earned money in rent, when they could have been building equity in their own house.

So with their stable jobs, she and her sister worked hard to save up money and started researching all their possible options. It was around that time that they got connected with our team. 

As first time homebuyers, they had no idea what to expect. But once we sat down to hear their story, we walked them through the entire process, then together, figured out a plan. After looping them in with our trusted lender partner, Jane and her sister got their finances together and seriously started their home search with us. 

Of course, it wasn’t without obstacles. A few weeks in, Jane began to feel anxious. As she browsed through more homes and couldn’t find one that fit her criteria, doubt crept in. “Maybe it’s not the right time to buy. Maybe I’m too young. What if I don’t find anything?”

Just as she was thinking of taking a break from her search, we found it – a cute 3 bedroom condo located in a cozy little community close to her work, complete with modern upgrades and a private patio, and most importantly, well within her budget. It was love at first sight.

Fast forward a month, and here she was now, holding the keys to her brand new house. At last, they had their own place to call home.

It’s never too early or too late to start your home search. Are you ready to get started?

*Disclaimer: All names used are fake, but the stories are most definitely real.

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