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The Hwang Family’s Story: Navigating 4 Simultaneous Transactions

Samuel Park
Nov 8 4 minutes read

Navigating through one transaction is a big deal in itself, so when there are 4 different transactions happening at the same time, it can be a lot to process. When the Hwang family decided to sell their current home, buy a new one, sell their investment property, and also buy a new one (all at the SAME time), things didn’t go quite as expected… but for the better.

They had anticipated tons of headache and stress. After all, this was a scenario that, for most people, would be overwhelming just to think about. But much to their surprise, it wasn’t.

Originally, the Hwangs had no plans to move. They had long thought that their current house of 15 years would be their forever home. 

Two months ago, when many of their family members moved out of the city, they came to a crossroads - stay put but be farther from family, or stick with family and move together. Ultimately, they decided to sell their current Chino Hills home and move. 

It was a situation that found them out of the blue, but the Hwang family couldn’t have been more excited for this new beginning. 

They were even more excited when they experienced exactly what it meant to be in today’s seller’s market. Within just 2 days of listing their home, we were already in escrow at nearly $75K over asking price (which was tens of thousands of dollars over their “magic number”). 

In the meantime, they began their home search. After browsing through homes online, they found one that was a perfect fit. It was not only minutes away from family, but was also in a great neighborhood and almost double the size of their current home! This allowed for the extra office space that they always dreamed about, and plenty of room to have family over. 

When I spoke with them after going to see the house, they had only three words for me - “Whatever it takes.” They were ready to do whatever it took to get the home. And it worked. Having built a great relationship with the listing agent, we were able to negotiate a great deal for the Hwang family. The next day, we opened escrow, and the Hwangs got packing.

Now you might be wondering where their investment property comes into the picture. 

Well, the Hwangs decided to sell their investment property out of town, and buy a new one close to their home. They would rent it out to another family member, so that everyone could stay together. 

Behind the scenes, our team was hard at work. On the listing side, our marketing team quickly got to work launching the Hwangs current properties into the open market and generating the buzz among homebuyers online to drive up the interest. On the buying side, the whole team helped to accommodate the showings, and make sure we were on top of all of the transaction timelines.

While taking on 4 transactions may not be in your agenda, if you’re thinking of selling your home, you want to choose the right team of real estate professionals to guide the way.

Our goal is not only to help our clients get their home sold as quickly, and for the most money as possible, but to also coordinate a smooth transaction.

After all, selling your home should be nothing less than a great experience.

*Disclaimer: All names used are fake, but the stories are most definitely real.

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